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ACME Omnipresent Interstellar Corporate Conglomeration

ACME Pluto is a distant blip on the horizon, incidentally the 20 year trip there will also be a mere blip in your sanity. But when you get there, oh boy, you'll have such fun with all the activities available to the common folk in this frozen wasteland of a planet (fuck you NASA) empire.

Your first day on Pluto will define your visit to our glorious galaxy clinging Empire, mainly because if you freeze to death it'll be your last day anywhere, but you'll not have to travel far to return to the dust of the universe as we jettison corpses into the vast unknown. Or orbit, sometimes that happens too. Remember to wave to Fletcher Johnstone as his terrifying corpse (don't ask) passes over the Parlamentary dome around 16h24 Corporate Standard Time !

Each space pesant is issued with the finest homes in the active (with cholera) Dome City of TRAUTMANNSDORF, there are many bars, restaurants, and disco clubs through out the town.

Why wait for somebody else to take this glorious opportunity to see the stars, contact ACME Star Travel to book your tickets today !

Her Majesty's Parlamentary Ajudicator.

Prime Minister Tatiana Ermakova
ACME OICC Plutonian Empire
Villacher Strasse 16
4775 PLUTO

ACME Switchboard 24/7 - +44 (0)28 9244 8977

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